Mindfulness is about:

• Being present in the moment and paying attention to our day to day experiences (rather than focusing on the past or the future which can cause anxiety and depression).

• Observing our senses, thoughts and emotions without judgement (helps cultivate stillness, peace, acceptance, clarity and focus).

• Becoming more self-aware by noticing our internal thoughts, feelings, emotions and the way we respond to them (enabling more thoughtful choices, decisions and actions, as well as greater empathy for others).

Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation for Teens

Unlike adults, most children don’t know how to recognise, cope with, or process stress unless they have been taught to. Teaching mindfulness and meditation to teens can give them a coping mechanism for the stressors that are part of their everyday lives, rather than turning to things like alcohol, drugs and self-harm.

It can help them:

• Recognise their own inner strengths and resources.

• Allow the flow of creativity.

• Understand and manage stress and emotions (and be more open about them).

• Develop an awareness of the importance of mental self-care.

• Calm the mind chatter and relax the body to assist with restful sleep.

• Aid focus, concentration and productivity.

Students can be easily bombarded with negative images from the news, movies and computer games, and technology has become a constant distraction. Being silent and still can make them feel bored and uncomfortable or anxious and disconnected. This can make them distract themselves with more activity to the point their nervous systems can become overloaded. Meditation cultivates the resting response our bodies need for optimal heath and healing. It also improves attention to cognitive abilities such as learning, memory and problem solving.

Teaching children the life skills of mindfulness cultivates a level of self awareness and self discovery. Living moment to moment with a greater level of consciousness enables them to make thoughtful choices and decisions, with kindness and compassion, to themselves, their friends, families, the greater community and the environment.

Sports Tuition works in collaboration with Meditation Sunshine Coast for this program.

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