Support everyone, judge no-one...

This is definitely one of our key objectives. Students need to come together and unite in a different environment, which will ultimately help them back at school.

What does it mean to be a leader? Students examine the characteristics of a leader.

o What are the personality traits of a leader?

o Does a leader need to be the loudest person in a room?

o Does a leader need to have an official title/role?

o Why does a leader want to lead?

o Is it ok to make mistakes as a leader?

Students are actively involved in discussions and workshops about leadership. Year 11 specific leadership camps also have workshop options to discuss their senior legacy.

Throughout camp programs, all students are placed in situations whereby they need to work together to solve team building initiatives and use these leadership qualities to complete small group tasks.

It’s important for students to listen to each other and communicate clearly with each other. Every student needs to have a voice…because they just may have the answer!

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