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The Sports Tuition team is passionate about school camps. Positive student experiences not only assist the student at that exact moment in time, but continue to assist the student back in the classroom. School camp is a prime opportunity for a student to learn and grow as a person. If your school is looking for students to develop leadership, display initiative, care and support for one another and to have fun, we've got you covered.

The camps offer a range of quality activities. The students have a fantastic adventure and in the process learn a great deal about themselves and the people around them.

Key objectives for the camps include: 

•To positively affect every student’s social and personal development.
•To provide a safe and supportive environment with opportunities for students to test their own limits.
•To provide an environment whereby students can develop trust and respect for each other. 

To achieve these objectives, the students are faced with challenges whereby they need to be resourceful, apply problem-solving skills and display initiative. 

The camps provide the students with memories and skills that will last a life time.

The Sports Tuition team also ensures teachers enjoy a stress-free camp. From the moment the students step off the bus to commence the camp, to the time they board the bus to head back to school, the Sports Tuition team will be there...every step of the way. It’s definitely a collaborative effort, but it ensures teachers have the opportunity to relax and bond with the students in a different setting and don't leave camp exhausted.

Activity options include; fishing in electric powered boats for primary school students or boats with 6hp outboard motors for secondary school students, canoeing, boat tube rides, stand up paddle boarding, body boarding, hand plane body surfing, beach games, high/mid/low ropes, rock climbing, traditional archery or archery game-play, fishing off the bank at Cotton Tree or in Alex Park's onsite lake, raft building and team building initiatives.

Accommodation options include; bungalow cabins, ensuited cabins, dormitory cabins and tents or a combination of cabins/tents if desired.

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