School Holiday Camps

September 2017 School Holiday Camp Review

The warmer weather has certainly arrived and freshwater fishing in impoundments is also warming up. On 27-29 September, Sports Tuition hosted a school holiday camp for 8-12 year olds at Moogerah Dam. It was incredibly hot, and to top it off, the wind was blowing a gale. The conditions meant it wasn’t possible to fish for the first two days, however, an opportunity for a quick fish presented itself on the final morning of the camp, and although the conditions were still very ordinary, there were some surprising results. My expectations were minimal, but as it turned out, the fish were on the bite for the whole morning. Don’t ask me how, but I even managed to drop a bait for about a minute and ended up catching a nice yellowbelly. I’m normally pretty busy looking after the kids on the water, re-rigging and helping with bait, so it was a nice little bonus to be able to have a quick drop and pull up a quality fish. The students also picked up yellowbelly, Australian bass, eel-tailed catfish and spangled perch. Due to the strong winds, and white caps on the water, the students kept close to shore and the fishing session was conducted from Sports Tuition’s fleet of electric powered canoes.  The canoes are very stable and move nicely through the water, so it was only a quick drive to the nearest structure where the students started to target fish using one-ball paternoster rigs with live shrimp on size 4 Mustad bigmouth hooks. It’s always great to see the excitement of young students catching fish, particularly if it’s their very first ever fish, which happened to a number of participants on this camp.

As the camps are offered 3-4 times a year, there is always of a variety of activities and something new for those returning students. The camp is never the same twice. There were plenty of firsts for this camp too, which included several new mini survival challenges, boat tube rides, fishing from the electric powered canoes and an outdoor movie screen which was set up and hung between a couple of trees. 

Well done to all the participants. It was a really enjoyable three days.